About Edit

Benches are long, wooden chairs that WelderMelon is convinced are friendly, helpful entities. Ever since WelderMelon used the Morph Goat Mod in Goat Simulator, things have never been the same between him and benches. He is now in belief of oneness with benches, and that he and his Welders are all "honorary benches."

English garden bench

A Bench

Storyline Edit

While playing Goat Simulator, TheWelderMelon took the bold decision to morph himself into a bench. He walked up behind several people, requesting them to sit on him, however they fell to the ground and went limp. TheWeldermelon was upset, claiming that benches are misunderstood and friendly creatures. Now, they are an integral part of WelderMelon society.

Quotes Edit

"You know Benches, they're the coolest of the furniture."

"Hey bud, wanna sit on a bench? (man falls down) Fine, I didn't want you to sit on me anyway!"

-Benches Are Nice, WelderGames

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